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A lady watering vegetables and another having a veg box delivered

Early Spring Seasonal Walk

Sat 5th March 2022
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Join us for an exciting exploratory seasonal wildlife walk around The Community Farm, who knows what you'll see...

On this walk we'll be exploring the transition from Winter into Spring...

In the sky we'll look out for, and tune into, any remaining wintering birds as well as more local birds who'll be turning up their songs. Some species such as Dunnock, Blackbird and Thrush may even be nesting.

On the ground we'll witness early plants emerging and both small and larger mammals will be increasing their activity so we'll be looking out for evidence through their tracks, trails and other signs...

Chris Sperring MBE is a professional naturalist and wildlife guide. During this walk he will help open your senses to the seasonal changes around you; guiding you through the many sights, sounds, tracks and trials that the natural world has to offer.