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Farm celebrates 27K+ fundraising success

Farm celebrates 27K+ fundraising success

The Community Farm is celebrating the success of its fundraiser, and thanks everyone for their overwhelming support and generosity.

After smashing an initial 20K target, the organic champions stretched the total to 25K. As the deadline approached this weekend, a flurry of final donations came in. By the time the campaign ended, almost 200 people had donated to the cause, with thousands sharing social media posts.

The final total raised was an astounding £27, 275.

The Farm's Managing Director, Ped Asgarian, said: "We're still a bit stunned to be honest. We are not a big business, so these sorts of sums really will leave a lasting mark on The Farm for years to come. And on the morale of our staff and volunteers too, because people clearly love The Community Farm!

"With funds in place, we can now look to upgrade our polytunnels and our farm equipment, ensuring we can continue to improve our farming performance and practices. This cash will also impact on our operations, as we will shortly need a new forklift truck and delivery van.

Ped concluded: "The Farm means so much to our friends in the community. That they took the time to listen to our appeal for help, and dug so deep. We're beyond grateful."

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