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Product of the month: Raspberry Jam

The Farm is proud to showcase local, ethical products like this rich raspberry jam, made by producer Kerry Dodd of Hembridge Organics.

Kerry has always been the enterprising type. As a child, she earnt extra pocket money secretly selling surplus blackcurrants from her parent’s garden to the local deli. Now she manages a multi award-winning family business from her home in the heart of Somerset.

Busting a glut
Kerry has a talent for turning past-it produce into delicious chutney, jam and marmalade – and The Farm is always happy to help! Last summer, we provided her with over-ripe plums which she transformed into tasty plum and brandy jam. Our surplus runner beans, tomatoes and courgettes helped Kerry create a seriously zingy chutney too.

No nasties
Using traditional methods, Kerry harvests the best of Somerset’s seasonal produce.  Her preserves are 100% organic, vegan and vegetarian friendly, and certified by the Soil Association. There’s no diluting, artificial colouring, sweeteners or thickening agents either. Kerry says: “If we can’t pronounce the ingredient, it doesn’t go in.”

We’re jammin’
Kerry, with husband Jeremy, love to listen to music as they make their juicy jars of gorgeousness together. Radio 4 is the station of choice when creating the sweet, smooth jams and marmalades. However, they much prefer the energy and power of Planet Rock when chopping chunks of veg for chutney.

Why not explore their range on our website? You’ll find them listed in our groceries section. Purchase online, and they’ll be delivered to your door with your usual order.

Do we deliver to you?

We deliver to Bristol, Bath, Chew Valley, Weston-Super-Mare, Frome and plenty of places in-between!