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The Community Farm helps customers cut plastic waste

The Community Farm helps customers cut plastic waste

An organic vegetable box, that’s entirely plastic-free, has been launched by The Community Farm.

The Veg No Plastic box contains no products pre-packed in plastic, or items that need plastic to keep them fresh or in good condition.

They’re available to order online now, in both large and small sizes, and are already proving a hit.

The Veg No Plastic launch is part of The Farm’s continuing commitment to reduce unnecessary plastic in their operations. It follows the recent replacement of their plastic tomato punnets for cardboard ones, which prompted a chorus of approval from customers.

Ped Asgarian, The Community Farm’s Managing Director, said: “Food and farming is an industry that relies heavily on the use of plastic to maintain freshness and product quality.

“Without plastic, greens like chard and spinach will wilt and rot fast. Paper bags are prohibitive as they dry the product. And placing loose greens in our veg boxes, quickly reduces their quality.

“We do try to minimise the use of plastic to what’s essential however. We don’t buy in, wrap or package our products unnecessarily. And we pride ourselves in listening to our customers. Many requested a plastic-free box, and we’ve responded to that call.”

Take a look at The Farm’s new Veg No Plastic box, plus the full range of fruit and veg boxes, groceries and dairy products available. Everything is 100% organic, making ethical shopping easy.

Profits are used to provide learning experiences for children, adults and vulnerable people. The Farm’s nature-friendly farming ethos means wildlife gets a boost too!

Visit: www.thecommunityfarm.co.uk/boxes

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