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Get Fair About Farming

Almost half (49%) of British fruit and veg farmers fear they will go out of business within the next 12 months. 75% report that supermarket behaviour is a leading factor.*

These shocking statistics are why we're supporting a new campaign from Riverford which asks supermarkets to commit to better sourcing policies.

We encourage everyone to sign the petition. 

Riverford are calling for supermarkets to:

Pay on time: UK farmers often have to wait up to 12 weeks to be paid - a practice that’s illegal in the EU. Buyers should pay as quickly as practically possible, guaranteeing farmers a regular, reliable income.

Commit for the long term: Farmers should be able to invest in their business with confidence, and not live with the anxiety of short-term contracts. Supermarkets should build long-term relationships with farmers, unless there are good reasons to look elsewhere. If they do need to change suppliers, they should give good notice, and honour all agreed purchases.

Agree on fair specifications: Fair specifications (the standards for a crop, defining size, shape, and so on) should be agreed together - balancing the buyer’s knowledge of what customers want, with the farmer’s expertise about the crop. Buyers should never use unreasonable claims about quality to wriggle out of a commitment to buy.

Pay what you agreed to pay: Farmers are sometimes told one price when agreeing to grow a new crop, and later told they will receive much less. Buyers should always honour the price that was agreed on; a fair price, reflecting the true cost of farming.

At The Farm, we're proud of the relationships we've built with our suppliers. The farmers we work with set their own prices to make sure they’re financially viable and can look after the land where they farm. We work closely with them to plan their crops meaning we sell as much as they grow as possible. By selling veg boxes we get away from worries about crop specifications too and whilst that might mean you get two small cucumbers, rather than one big one, we think its well worth it to make sure that everything is grown, goes to use. Especially when food waste globally accounts for 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions. And of course, we pay them on time.

If you think that’s how business should be done, do sign the Riverford petition and speak out about the reality of supermarket exploitation.

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