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Giving the roundhouse a glow-up!

Lizzie Tanner, daughter of one of our long-term volunteers, was so inspired by The Farm's values and topography that she based her university textiles project around them, and she's even donated them to The Farm! Here she documents the entire process, from initial inspirtion to curating a wish-list of items with our team to dedsigning and making the final products. Thank you Lizzie - we LOVE THEM!

For my final undergraduate project in Textile Design at Loughborough University, I decided to use The Community Farm as both my inspiration and focus. Being part of the volunteering team on Thursdays has been beneficial to my wellbeing, brought me closer to my local community and developed my appreciation of both organic farming and the natural environment. The underlying objective of my project was to give something back to this community-based enterprise which I value very much and wholeheartedly believe in.

After interviewing staff members Emmy and Ellie, we came up with a wish list of textile items from which I developed ideas of pieces both decorative and useful for staff, volunteers and visitors. My work explores flexible and functional design in order to enhance the activities involved in growing organic food locally and in promoting well-being, which take place at The Farm.  

The imagery was primarily inspired by the produce and processes used and included plants, buildings and found objects.  It also incorporated contour maps and aerial photographs. The shades of green, blue, lilac, orange and beige were influenced by the branding, as well as from manufactured and natural materials around the site. 

I found the project incredibly rewarding especially in creating pieces that I know will be used and have a purpose on The Farm. 

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone and especially Emmy, Ellie, Ian and the Thursday volunteer crew who have made me feel so welcome and helped me along the way! 

You can find more images of my work on my Instagram: @lizzytanner_designs

My final collection: 

A landscape quilt creating a ‘window’ for The Yurt, depicting a view of Chew Valley Lake from The Farm. Made from patchworked cotton, calico and digitally printed linen.

Laser cut cork trivets which, when placed together, form an aerial view of The Farm site. These were requested for use with hot pans and dishes in the Round House.

Fire resistant windbreaks which display contour lines of the local area along with the farm’s values, to offer some protection against breezes from the lake.

Outdoor cushions made from digitally printed fabric offcuts for use on pallet furniture.

A tablecloth printed with a pattern inspired by fresh mint grown in the herb garden at The Farm.

Jacquard woven merino wool blankets inspired by winter salad crops and propagation trays.

A flat-pack designed herb drying rack, constructed from laser cut panels of plywood with etched contour lines.

By Lizzie Tanner

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