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Introducing: "The COVID-19 Fund"

Introducing: "The COVID-19 Fund"

The full and tragic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are still unfolding.

All of us here at The Community Farm have been determined to do whatever we can to be of service during this strange time of anxiety, loss and bemusement, of unexpected kindnesses, kinships and surreal frustrations.

So far, our actions have kept us close to what we do best: supplying as many people as possible with fresh and local organic veg, delivered safely to their door.

We know that food delivery is important during this time. This is especially true when services like ours support people all along the supply chain, from field to fork.

We also know that food itself is important: how it nurtures and heals, how it soothes and brings people together - all wonderful things. But there are other things which are necessary at this time, also, things which provide for life and good living in ways that go above and beyond the fundamentals that we provide.

The creative responses that we have seen emerging from our partner organisations and from local grassroots efforts are heartwarming and hope-giving.

Our unique position in this network of socially-minded doers means that we are able to provide you, our customers and friends, with the option to support these less well-known but trusted and valuable initiatives in a way that is simple and safe.

Similar to our "Caring at Christmas" campaign during which we help feed rough sleepers in Bristol, you now have the option of adding a product to your weekly shop that can found at the top of all veg box store sections. By purchasing a COVID-19 Fund Pledge, you will give £3 (or more if you choose to order multiples of the same item) to a collective fund that will be distributed on an at-need basis amongst our carefully curated collection of recipients.

These particular projects have been selected because, besides being affiliated with our greater nature-friendly network, they are bringing something unique and socioeconomically inclusive to COVID-19 response efforts.

Our first recipient will be Two Trees Catering, neighbours of ours based in the Chew Valley.
Two Trees Catering champions a radical and inclusive approach to feeding rural people who are currently shielding and isolating by offering ready-made vegetarian meals on a sliding-scale cost basis. This means that even those on no or low income can enjoy good, healthy food made with organic produce sourced from The Community Farm.

If you're able to do so, please consider donating to The COVID-19 Fund so as that we can support these innovative and important efforts to brighten lives in our local area. We will be introducing new partners on a rolling basis and will keep you fully updated with how they're getting on in their respective missions.

Thank you for continuing to support us, and for considering to support these other worthy ventures, too.

With love, your friends at The Community Farm

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