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Veg of the Month: Swede

Veg of the Month: Swede

The succulent swede in your veg box has been supplied by Francis Sampson, who farms on land in the far west of Cornwall, near Penzance. Francis and his family have worked their ancient 156-acre plot, a stone’s throw from St Michael’s Mount, for generations. And in April, Francis will celebrate 20 years of going organic – true pioneers of the organic movement on the peninsula since 1999.

The Community Farm works with a network of organic farmers and food suppliers who share our ethics, and Francis is a firm favourite. We hope you enjoy his tasty swede as much as we do. You’ve the expertise of this charming organic Cornishman, and the Celtic climate, to thank for the flavour.

So a-peeling
Francis sows 10,000 swede in June/July and they’re ready to harvest from October through until early February. He plants a pest-resistant variety called Lomond Organic. They’re a handy size – not too big – and popular, as they’re easier to prepare and peel. Lomond Organic feature fine purple skins, with a buttery-yellow flesh beneath, full of flavour and tender in texture.

Turnup the heat
Swede love damp, warm conditions. These bulbous brassicas thrive in rough rows in the favoured-fields of Cargease Farm. The crop spends several months sat squat in wet soil, their 'backs’ basking in the Cornish summer sun, occasionally doused by salty showers.

Swede Dish
Once picked, they’re transported to The Community Farm, placed in veg boxes and presented on plates in homes across the Chew Valley, Bristol and Bath. Francis saves a few swede for himself, of course. He enjoys them chopped in a Cornish pasty, or roasted. What’s your favourite swede recipe? We always welcome your feedback.

Do we deliver to you?

We deliver to Bristol, Bath, Chew Valley, Weston-Super-Mare, Frome and plenty of places in-between!