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Gardening for Wellbeing: Relaxing Balm Recipe

Gardening for Wellbeing: Relaxing Balm Recipe

Alice Bowley teaches the wonderful Gardening for Wellbeing here at The Farm. She's currently halfway through Winter in the Garden, the first in the series of these courses which will run throughout the year. Here she shares her recipe for a relaxing, fragrant balm...

Alice recommends a blend of the following essential oils, which are specifically aimed to alleviate stress and anxiety, but feel free to use whatever will suit your own specific needs.

Thyme - Stimulates the mind, strengthens memory and concentration, and calms the nerves. It's also antibacterial.

Lavender - Well known for its sedative properties and ability to lower stress and anxiety and to promote feelings of calm and sleep. Good for treating headaches, antiseptic and anti inflammatory.

Orange - Calms emotional outbursts and feelings of anxiety or depression. Cools and soothes skin and is an antiseptic.


This recipe makes roughly one 150ml jar, or several very small jam jars (28g).
  • 15g beeswax
  • 15g shea butter
  • 120ml oil (olive/ grapeseed/almond)
  • 50 drops essential oil blend of your choice
  • Clean and dry jars
  • Melt the beeswax
  • Add shea butter until melted and stir
  • Slowly add the olive oil
  • Remove from the heat, allow to cool slightly (if it’s too hot it will damage essential oils)
  • Just as it starts to go cloudy add the essential oils and mix
  • Quickly pour into the jars before it sets
  • Label with the date and ingredients
Gardening for Wellbeing takes place every Wednesday here at The Farm. It's suited to anyone looking to feel the positive benefits of working, socialising and learning new skills in a relaxed and supportive environment. If you'd like to learn more please feel free to contact Alice on 07572 965 331/This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or look at our events page.

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