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Welcome to our new staff members

Welcome to our new staff members

Please join us in welcoming a number of new staff members to The Community Farm. We also have a few staff changing roles.

Ped Asgarian joined The Community Farm this week as our Commercial Operations Manager, heading up our vegetable box scheme and wholesale business. Tom Smyth is now Warehouse Supervisor. We've also recently welcomed two new drivers: Neil Humphries and Barry Sheehan.

Ian Sumpter, will be embarking on his new role as Community Farmer. Ian will now be responsible for looking after our volunteers and developing The Community Farm's role in care farming.

Becky Chenery started with us on 10th March as Apprenticeship Leader. This new role will contribute to The Farm's social remit.

Sara Turrill has joined us for six months as an intern on the Community Learning project (funded through Santander).

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