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Organic Food Delivery


Avocado (Hass) (400g)

Hass Avocados from Peru. They can still be slightly hard when they arrive but will ripen to creamy deliciousness in no time. If you're in a rush, put them in a bag with bananas and they'll ripen even faster.

The Community Fund

By purchasing this item, you will pledge £3 (or more if you increase the quantity)... read more

Apples (1kg) (NZ)

A kilo of apples from NZ. Varieties may vary, but we will always select the... read more

Apricots (500g)

500g of apricots from Spain

Bananas (1kg)

Fairtrade organic bananas from Dominican Republic. Shipped over and then ripened in Bristol. 1kg

Cherries (250g) (SPA)

250g of cherries from Spain

Clementines (500g)

500g of clementines from South Africa

Dates (Medjool) 250g

Jericho's Finest Medjoul dates are known as the King of Dates due to their size... read more

Grapes (White Seedless) (400g)

Lovely white grapes from Spain.

Kiwi Fruit (400g)

Kiwis (400g approx) (ARG)

Lemons (Approx 500g) (SPA)

Approx 500g of lemons. Put some zing in your dishes and drinks with these lovely... read more

Limes (250g)

250g of limes from Brazil

Melon (Canary)

Very similar to a honeydew melon but with slightly sweeter flesh. From Spain. Approx 750g

Melon (Galia)

A melon from Spain

Nectarines (500g)

500g of nectarines from Spain.

Oranges (Valencia) (1kg)

1kg of oranges from Spain

Peaches (Flat) (500g) (SPA)

500g of flat peaches from Spain

Peaches 500g

500g of peaches from Spain.

Pears (Guyot) (500g)

500g of pears from France

Watermelon (Mini)

A mini watermelon from Spain.

Do we deliver to you?

We deliver to Bristol, Bath, Chew Valley, Weston-Super-Mare, Frome and plenty of places in-between!

Nature-friendly farming

Nature-friendly farming

Healthy food

Healthy food

Local first

Local first

Ethical trading

Ethical trading

Waste not

Waste not

Community hearted

Community hearted