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Coronavirus: An Update

Dear friends,

We have received an enormous surge in orders this past week which leaves us feeling both thankful and reflective. 
Clearly, this public health crisis is affecting everyone, and we are determined to serve you all as best as we can, given the circumstances.
Firstly, please know that our supply chains remain unaffected and your orders are being filled. 
Deliveries may arrive a little bit earlier or later than usual, and our drivers will be following a drop-off-at-the-doorstep protocol to honour social distancing recommendations.
As such, please make sure that you have completed the "Delivery Instructions" field to help our drivers leave your delivery in a safe and appropriate place. This can be found under "My Order" when logged into our website.
Secondly, please order responsibly. We do not envision shortages at this time and we encourage you to remain sensible and thoughtful of others. If we cannot fulfil part of your order this week, please be patient and understanding: we are adjusting to the unprecedented demand and will be increasing the size of our orders from our partners and suppliers as appropriate.
Thirdly, we have had to temporarily suspend new customer registrations due to logistical limitations. We only have so many box packers, drivers and vans! However, this will not affect existing customers, nor will it affect our outdoor farm outlet at Green Park Station in Bath which remains open for business.
Alongside these decisions impacting our customers, we have also made the difficult decision to suspend volunteer activities on our land; this is something that we are currently discussing with all of our wonderful volunteers and visitors via another communication channel. Our conscientious approach to hygiene - both in the field and in the warehouse - has served us well so far, and we would like to further minimise the chance of impact to our operation while also reducing the possibility of viral spread amongst the more vulnerable members of our farm community. 
We at The Farm are grateful for this opportunity to serve you during these difficult times. We remain dedicated to providing you with top-quality organic, locally-sourced and grown produce, delivered direct to your door. By buying from us, you help to support small businesses that may be struggling during this time, and therefore strengthen the short supply chains that ensure you remain in all your favourite fruits, vegetables and dry goods.
Finally, the collective response to this crisis has been nothing short of inspiring. Doctors and nurses are very much in our thoughts, as are the countless local farmers who are rallying to keep up with the enormous demand for food. Let us also not forget the community action groups that have sprung up all over the country. Let's strive to keep calm and keep looking after each other!
In solidarity (and judicious use of loo roll),

The Community Farm

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We deliver to Bristol, Bath, Chew Valley, Weston-Super-Mare, Frome and plenty of places in-between!