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How We’re Addressing The Coronavirus

How We’re Addressing The Coronavirus

On the morning of Tuesday 10th March, The Community Farm had a staff-wide meeting to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and how we can best incorporate the latest NHS advisories into our daily work routine.

Although no one is currently unwell at The Farm and business continues as usual, the needs and health of our customers, our staff and our volunteers are on our minds. We now have a firm plan in place to ensure that deliveries will remain uninterrupted as the situation continues to unfold.

In addition, we are all now advanced experts in handwashing! Small blessings.

Please expect further updates from us in the coming days and weeks.

With warm regards from your friends at The Farm.


Do we deliver to you?

We deliver to Bristol, Bath, Chew Valley, Weston-Super-Mare, Frome and plenty of places in-between!