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News from the farm January 2017: Adopt-a-crop

News from the farm January 2017: Adopt-a-crop

We’re speeding through January, but still I haven’t decided on a New Year’s resolution to take me into 2017.

That said, since I started working at the farm late last summer, I’ve made lots of little changes to my life that might count as early resolutions: my dinners are now made almost exclusively from the contents of my weekly Community Farm vegetable box (make mine a Gert British), on the days I work here I make a concerted effort to get out for a stroll/wade around the lush Chew Valley landscape whatever the weather has to offer, and – having seen the tremendous effort that goes into growing, harvesting and packing up my organic goodies each week – I’m extra careful to use up every last scrap of squash flesh and cabbage leaf!

In a way, I suppose my work here at The Community Farm has a lot to do with resolutions too. As Adopt-a-Crop programme manager, I’ve had the privilege of connecting with organisations in and around Bath and Bristol who have resolved to support local food growing, invest in their community and environment, and give their staff the opportunity to learn and grow as a team. It’s wonderful to speak with organisations taking a hands-on approach to corporate social responsibility, ready to muck in and support the little guys.

Of course, The Community Farm has always been ready to welcome anyone with a desire to learn and a strong pair of wellies on to the farm, but with Adopt-a-Crop we really hope to make lasting relationships with businesses so that they can see how their support impacts our work over the long term. Organisations adopting one of our crops not only safeguard our investment in the cultivation of their sponsored vegetable, but also give us the opportunity to make plans for the future and begin putting into action ideas that would otherwise remain firmly on the 'To Do’ list or, in other words, finally make good on our own resolutions.

So perhaps I won’t be too harsh on myself as January slips by with no commitment to a fad diet, strict exercise regime or a social media ban. Instead I’ll go and have a long sit down with a big slice of cake, and think about all the resolutions happening around me to make sure 2017 is the best year yet for The Community Farm.


- Danni Rochman
Adopt-a-Crop Programme Manager

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