Organic Food Delivery


Sorry, no Christmas Vegetable Box (Small) available. Why not choose an alternative?
We change the products we sell each week, depending on seasonal availability. This means we can make the most of locally grown, minimise food-miles and provide you with the freshest possible produce.

All For One

The perfect amount for the smaller household. Approximately 4 to 6 types of vegetable in each box.

Family Fruit Box

A generous selection of fresh fruit 

Farmer's Choice

Take pot luck and eat the freshest crops each season brings. We select 8 to 10 kinds of the most... read more

Gert British

It’s gert lush! All British vegetables with as many from the local area as possible. Approx 8 to... read more
What's in the box?

Just Fruits

A bountiful box of fresh organic fruit. Combining local produce with fruit from further afield. 3 to 4 fruit varieties.
What's in the box?

Veg and Fruit

A selection of fresh vegetables and fruit. 8 to 10 types of vegetable and 3 to 4 of fruit.
What's in the box?

Veg No Plastic

Veg No Plastic box. Helping our customers to cut plastic waste. Guaranteed only to contain veg that... read more
What's in the box?

Veg No Potatoes

8 to 10 scrumptious vegetable varieties, mainly from the UK and our own fields. Not a spud in sight!
What's in the box?

Veg Variety

Treat yourself and get the best of both worlds: UK and locally grown in our summer; food from... read more
What's in the box?

'The COVID-19 Fund' Pledge

By purchasing this item, you will pledge £3 (or more if you increase the quantity) to The... read more

Apple Juice

NEW. Refreshing organic apple juice from Somerset.

Apples (Spartan) 1kg

1kg of Spartan apples

Avocado (Approx 500g)

Avocado (Hass) from Spain

Baked Beans (Tinned)

1 x 400g tin of Essential baked beans in tomato sauce

Bananas (1kg)

Fairtrade organic bananas from Dominican Republic. Shipped over and then ripened in Bristol. 1kg

Beeswax Wraps

A set of 3 beeswax wraps (1 large (40cm x 40cm), 1 medium (30cm x 30cm) and 1 small (20cm x... read more


Beetroot (Red) (Approx 500g)

500g of red beetroot from Lancs

Black Bee Honey (Autumn)

Our new British Autumn Honey is made by bees taken up onto the moors in August when the Ling... read more

Black Bee Honey (Orchard)

Orchard Honey is an exciting new addition to our family of quality, British honeys. During the... read more

Black Bee Honey (Spring)

A soft set honey. Spring honey is a brand new addition to the Black Bee range of British honeys.... read more

Black Bee Honey (Summer)

A taste of summer in a jar. Created by bees from a wonderful mix of wildflowers, this honey has a... read more

Black Bee Honey (Winter)

Renamed from our Festive honey, this Winter Ivy honey combines fresh, herbal and lightly menthol... read more

Broccoli/Calabrese (Approx 500g)

A head of broccoli/calabrese

Butter (Salted)

250g of organic salted butter from Yeo Valley.

Butter (Unsalted)

250g of organic unsalted butter from Yeo Valley.

Cabbage (Red) (Cornwall)

A red cabbage from Cornwall

Cabbage (Savoy) (Cornwall)

A savoy cabbage from Cornwall

Cabbage (White) (Somerset)

A round white cabbage from Somerset - perfect for coleslaw

Carlin Peas (Tinned)

NEW FROM HODMEDOD'S. 400g tin. These canned British Carlin Peas from Hodmedod's, also known as... read more

Carrots (Wilts) 1kg

1 kg carrots from Wilts

Cauliflower (White)

A head of cauliflower from Cornwall

Celeriac (Approx 800g)

Celeriac from Cornwall


1 head of celery (no plastic wrapping)

Chard (Ruby) (Our Fields)

Ruby Chard, fresh from our field.

Chease - Garlic and Herb Cashew Chease (120g)

A Dairy Free Soft, Naturally Fermented,Garlic & Herb Chease. This product is in conversion to organic status.

Chease - Smoked and Chilpotle Chilli Cashew Chease (120g)

A Dairy Free Soft, Naturally Fermented, Smokey Chease, dusted with Chipotle Chilli... read more

Chease - Turmeric and Black Pepper Almond Chease (120g)

A Dairy Free Soft, Naturally Fermented Chease, dusted with Turmeric & Black... read more

Chick Peas (Tinned)

1 x 400g tin of organic chick peas. Perfect for making home-made hummus or veggie curries. Try in a thai curry.

Chutney - Ale House Chutney

A rich full flavoured chutney, made by Hembridge Organics and packed with the finest crunchy... read more

Chutney - Autumn Chutney

Autumn Chutney, made in Somerset by Hembridge Organics. 200g. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Gluten-free.

Chutney - Gift Box

A trio of Hembridge Organics Chutney (200g), Picalilli (200g) and Somerset Salsa (235g), in a gift pack.

Chutney - Piccalilli

Hembridge Organics piccalilli echos authentic Indian recipes by using whole mustard seeds. Handmade... read more

Chutney - Somerset Salsa

A great accompaniment to cold meats and cheese. Perfect for sandwiches, tortilla chips or anything... read more

Cider Vinegar

500ml bottle of Aspall's organic cider vinegar

Classic Muesli

1kg bag of organic classic muesli from Essential.

Coconut Milk (Tinned)

1 x 400g tin of organic coconut milk (Essential)

Courgettes (500g) (SPA)

500g of courgettes from Spain

Dark Speckled Lentils (Tinned)

400g tin of organic dark speckled lentils. Ready to use straight from the tin.

Dates (Medjool) 200g

A 200g box of Medjool dates from Israel

Double Gloucester Cheese (200g)

200g of organic Double Gloucester from Greens of Glastonbury


6 lovely fresh organic eggs from Wiltshire. Rich and golden, great for baking or just on their own.

Family meat box

Something for everyone, from special Sunday roasts to a range of weekly favourites.

We... read more

Fava Beans (Whole) (Tinned)

NEW FROM HODMEDOD'S (400g) Britain's original bean, these British-grown fava beans are delicious,... read more

Fennel (500g)

500g of fennel from Spain

Flour - Dove's Farm Strong White Flour (1.5kg)

1.5kg bag of strong white flour from Dove's Farm.

Flour - Dove's Farm White Self-Raising Flour (1kg)

1kg bag of white self-raising flour from Dove's Farm.

Flour - Shipton Mill 1kg wholewheat flour.

1kg bag of Shipton Mill wholewheat flour

Flour - Shipton Mill Flour (Strong Plain White) 2.5kg

2.5kg bag of strong plain white flour from Shipton Mill.

Flour - Shipton Mill Flour (Strong White) (1kg)

1kg bag of strong plain white flour from Shipton Mill.

Flour - Shipton Mill Flour (Wholemeal) 2.5kg

A 2.5kg bag of wholemeal flour from Shipton Mill.

Food For Thought by Phil Haughton

Celebrating the joy of eating well and living better. This thought-provoking book by Phil Haughton... read more

Garlic (Purple) (SPA) (100g)

A bulb of garlic from Spain

Gift box of chutney, marmalade and jam.

A trio of beautiful preserves from Hembridge Organics (a jar each of jam, marmalade and chutney)... read more

Gift voucher (Large Veg Box)

Give someone the gift of a large veg box of their choice from The Community Farm. May be redeemed... read more

Gift Voucher (Small Fruit Box)

Give someone the gift of a small fruit box from The Community Farm. May be redeemed at any time to... read more

Gift Voucher (Small Veg Box)

Give someone the gift of a small veg box of their choice from The Community Farm. May be redeemed... read more

Ginger (250g)

250g of Fresh Ginger (Peru). Adds a warm kick to any juice, dish or dessert.

Gourmet Mushroom Medley

Grown locally and exclusive to The Community Farm Customers. Approx. 400g of delicious exotic... read more

Grapefruit (approx 500g)

Grapefruit x 1. (Spain)

Hazelnut/Chocolate Spread

A classic combination of hazelnuts (10%) and milk chocolate, made from cocoa cultivated in Ghana... read more

Jam - Blackberry (Seedless)

A beautiful jam made from organic blackberries, cooked by hand in small batches. A beautiful... read more

Jam - Gooseberry Jam

A beautiful jam made from organic English gooseberries, cooked by hand in small batches. A zesty... read more

Jam - Mixed Jams Gift Box

A trio of Hembridge Organics preserves, includes Marmalade (235g), Gooseberry Jam (235g) and... read more

Jam - Plum and Brandy Jam

A beautiful jam made from organic English grown plums, cooked by hand in small batches. A splash of... read more

Jam - Raspberry Jam

New line from Hembridge Organics. Lovely full-flavoured raspberry jam, hand-made in Somerset.... read more

Kale (Green Curly) (Cornwall)

Bag of kale from Cornwall

Kale (Russian)

A bag of Russian Kale from our fields

Kale Kimchi (350g)

Made with locally grown Organic Kale from The Community Farm and Organic Dulse Seaweed. Vegan.

Kimchi (350g)

An Aromatic & Live Kimchi, Naturally Fermented. Traditionally chopped; no trace of fish sauce!

Kimchi (Brussels Sprouts) (350g)

For the LOVE of SPROUTS!!

An Aromatic & Live Kimchi, Naturally... read more

Kiwi Fruit (200g)

Kiwis (200g approx) (Arg)

Leeks (500g) (Wilts)

500g of leeks from Wiltshire

Lemons (Approx 350g)

350g of lemons. Put some zing in your dishes and drinks with these lovely lemons.

Limes (300g - Approx 4 fruits)

Approx 4 limes (300g) (SPA)

Milk (Full Fat Blue Top)

1 Litre gorgeous full fat milk from Bruton Dairy in Somerset. Non-homogenised.

Milk (Semi-Skimmed Green Top)

1 Litre of gorgeous semi-skimmed milk from Bruton Dairy in Somerset. Non-homogenised.

Mixed Beans (Tinned)

400g tin of mixed beans. Ideal for salads and stews.

Mushrooms (approx 300g)

300g Mushrooms (UK)

Mushrooms (Portabello) (200g)

200g of Portabello Mushrooms. These have a robust meaty texture making them good for grilling,... read more

Mushrooms (Shiitake 100g)

100g of shiitake mushrooms. Rich texture and great flavour.

Mushrooms - Dried Mixed Gourmet

Locally sourced and dried. Perfect for adding a punch of flavour to your meal. 30g

Mushrooms - Dried Shiitake

Locally sourced and dried. Perfect for adding a punch of flavour to your meal. 30g

Nutcessity Caromel Cashew

Nominated for the Soil Association’s ‘Nation’s Favourite Product Award’, this is a... read more

Nutcessity Date and Walnut Nut Butter

Slightly salted & slightly sweet, this roasted walnut spread is a wholesome but indulgent topper... read more

Nutcessity Gingerbread Almond Nut Butter

A warmly spiced, festive, tangy nut spread. Contains plenty of iron, (almonds, pumpkin seeds &... read more

Oat Milk (Original Barista) 1 litre

1 litre of Minor Figures original barista oat milk.

Olive Oil (5L)

5 litres of organic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.

Olive Oil (Fifty Trees)

500ml of traditionally crafted, unfiltered, single estate extra-virgin olive oil from southern... read more

Onions 1kg (UK)

1kg of onions from uk

Orange and Whisky Marmalade

Silver award winner in the World Marmalade Awards 2017, Hembridge Organics award winning marmalade... read more

Orange Marmalade

Winner of a bronze medal in the World Marmalade Awards in March 2017, Hembridge Organics' award... read more

Oranges (1kg) SPA

1kg of oranges from SPA

Parsnips (Unwashed) (1kg)

1kg of unwashed parsnips from Somerset.

Parsnips (Washed) (Wiltshire) 1kg

1kg of washed parsnips from Wiltshire


1 x 700g bottle of organic passata.


1 x 500g bag of organic white penne.

Peanut Butter - Crunchy (No Salt)

350g of no added salt crunchy peanut butter.

Peanut Butter - Crunchy (Salted)

Crunchy salted peanut butter from Essential. 350g jar.

Pears (Conference) 500g - SPA

500g of Conference pears from Spain

Peppers (Green Bell) 400g

Green peppers from Spain.

Peppers (Red Bell) (Approx 500g)

Approx 500g of red bell peppers from Spain.

Pomegranate (x1)

A pomegranate from Spain.

Porridge Oats

1 x 1kg bag of organic porridge oats from the UK.

Potatoes (Red Alouette) 1kg (UK)

1kg of red potatoes from UK

Potatoes (Red Manhattan) 1kg

1kg of red Manhattan potatoes

Provamel Organic Soya Milk (1 litre)

1 litre of unsweetened organic soya milk. 

Red Kidney Beans (Tinned)

400g tin of red kidney beans

Red Leicester cheese (Belton Farm) 200g

New product. Organic Red Leicester from Belton Farm in Shropshire (200g)

Red Split Lentils

500g bag of organic red split lentils. Perfect for winter soups and stews.

Regular meat box

We've always supported the idea of eating less meat but at a higher quality. This box gives a... read more

ReRooted Almond Milk (1 litre glass bottle)

This delightfully fresh almond milk is creamy and sweet while still being distinctively (some... read more

ReRooted Coconut Milk (1 litre glass bottle)

Containing only triple-filtered water, organic coconut and Cornish sea salt, this is the... read more

ReRooted Oat Barista Milk (1 litre glass bottle)

The superior choice for hot drinks: creamy, foamable and bursting with freshness, we think this... read more

ReRooted Oat Milk (1 litre glass bottle)

We bet you've never had oat milk like this before. The perfect all-rounder, this top-shelf oat... read more

Rice - Brown Basmati (500g)

500g of organic brown basmati rice.

Rice - White Basmati (1kg)

1kg of organic white basmati rice.

Rice - White basmati (500g)

500g bag of organic white basmati rice

Salad Bag (Our Field)

A bag of winter salad leaves fresh from our fields

Sauerkraut (Red Cabbage)

Vegan. 350g



Sea Salt (Coarse)

A 500g bag of coarse sea salt from Essential Trading,

Sea Salt (Fine)

A 500g bag of fine sea salt from Essential Trading

Smoked Cheddar (200g)

200g of smoked organic Cheddar from Greens of Glastonbury.

Spring Greens

Pack of fresh greens from Cornwall

Sprouted Alfalfa

The perfect addition to salads and sandwiches. Packed full of vitamins. 100g Alfalfa sprouts (UK) - low price

Sprouted Alfalfa and Broccoli

A punnet of fresh alfalfa and broccoli sprouts to liven up salads and sandwiches.

Sprouted Mixed Beans

Mixed sprouts (UK) - colourful mix of sprouted adzuki beans, mung beans, pea and green lentil. The... read more

Sprouted Radish

A tub of hot and spicy sprouted radish seeds. Adds a spicy touch to salads, stir-fries and sandwiches.

Squash (Butternut) 800g approx

A lovely butternut squash from Spain

Squash (Crown Prince) (approx 3-4kg)

The king of squash. A great tasting squash with bright orange flesh and smooth texture. From our field.

Squash (Uchiki Kuri) (Approx. 1.5kg)

Uchiki Kuri from Somerset. Bright orange/red skin. Sweet nutty flavour. Approx 1.5kg

Swede (approx 1.2kg)

A swede from Somerset

Sweet Potatoes 1kg

1 kg of sweet potatoes from Spain

Tea - Bristol Breakfast Loose Leaf (75g)

A 75g pouch of loose leaf Bristol Breakfast blend tea. Produced by the Bristol Tea Company, an... read more

Tea - Chamomile Flowers (50g)

A 50g pouch of loose leaf Chamomile Flowers. The organic chamomile flowers are a wonderfully... read more

Tea - Earl Grey (50g)

A 50g pouch of loose leaf Earl Grey tea. Produced by the Bristol Tea Company, an independent tea... read more

Tea - Gunpowder Green (50g)

A 50g pouch of loose leaf Gunpowder Green tea. Produced by the Bristol Tea Company, an independent... read more

Tea - Lemongrass and Ginger Tea (50g)

Our organic ‘Lemongrass and Ginger’ comes from a forest garden in Sri Lanka, closely linked to... read more

Tea - Lung Ching tea (50g)

Also known as Dragon Well, is one of the most famous Chinese green teas. The unique emerald green,... read more

Tea - Peppermint Tea (50g)

This organic Peppermint is from Egypt. The broken leaves produce a wonderfully clean, fresh and... read more

Tea - Rooibos (75g)

A 75g pouch of loose leaf Rooibos tea. Naturally caffeine free this organic Rooibos is from the... read more

Teabags - Clipper Everyday(80 bags)

NEW PRODUCT. 80 organic Clipper Every day tea bags.

Tomato Puree

130g tube of organic tomato puree.

Tomatoes (Tinned)

1 x 400g tin of organic chopped tomatoes

Turmeric (100g)

Fresh turmeric from Cadiz. 100g.

Vegan Block (200g)

Naturli’ Organic Vegan Block, which tastes just the way it... read more

Vegan Spreadable (225g)

A tub of Naturli’ Organic Vegan Spreadable. Perfect for sandwiches, melt it over hot sweetcorn,... read more

Vegetable Scrubber

This Tawashi 'hedgehog' vegetable scrubber (made from coconut fibres) makes cleaning vegetables a... read more

Vintage Cheddar (approx 200g)

200g of organic vintage Cheddar from Greens of Glastonbury.

Yoghurt (Greek)

A 450g pot of Greek natural organic yoghurt.

Yoghurt (Natural)

Yeo Valley natural yogurt. 500g.

Do we deliver to you?

We deliver to Bristol, Bath, Chew Valley, Weston-Super-Mare, Frome and plenty of places in-between!

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Nature-friendly farming

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